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80's-style arcade puzzle shooter mashup. · By Corundum Games


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Play(test)ing to Win
I've alluded to my experience playtesting Chromavaders in the past, but I figured this week month now would be a good time to actually tell you more about it...
My Disappointing Automation Experience
This entry is adapted from a post I wrote on the Unity forums expressing disappointment. I wanted to write a high-level overview of something I did that worked...
New Release Available!
I've just posted a new release of Chromavaders! You can play it in-browser or download it for desktop right here . The biggest change is that I've removed the...
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This Will Be On The Test
I like games that work. The occasional glitch is understandable, but all the funny ones that people make YouTube videos about are opt-in and not game-breaking...
Why I Played at Play NYC
How Did Your Weekend Go? This past weekend I was showing off Chromavaders at Play NYC , New York's largest annual gaming convention. I've never shown anything...
Introducing Chromavaders
It's been a long time coming, but here we go! I've got a game that, while not ready for prime-time, is polished enough to show off! Introducing...Chromavaders!...
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i tried playing with one controller and a keyboard but they end up both controlling the same player, am i doing somethin...
started by Draido Mar 19, 2020
3 replies
Nice! I like how it combines different game genres/mechanics in a coherent way. However I am used to playing with the ar...
started by lilou_cormic Aug 14, 2019
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