An 80's-style combination of a puzzle game and a shooter.

How to Play

  • Press O to insert a coin
  • Press P to pause
  • Use WASD to move
  • Hold Z to advance enemies manually
  • Press Space to play (and to fire)
  • Match same-colored blocks in lines of 3 or more horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
  • Grab blocks by moving downwards into them, or by catching them. Release them with the fire button.
  • You can hold up to 3 blocks; trying to catch a 4th will kill you.
  • The block grid fills a little bit whenever you die.
  • Push blocks sideways by moving into them.


Chromavaders is far from done. But it is in a good enough state for people to play it and give useful feedback. These items are on the burner, in no particular order:

  • An attract mode that properly features gameplay and the tutorial
  • Online high scores
  • More game modes, for both one player and two
  • Improve the AI
  • Secure licenses for game console dev kits

Get in Touch

If you like Chromavaders and want to help me bring it to its fullest potential, get in touch! Or if you just want to give feedback, that's great too! You can reach me publicly at the message board, or you can reach me privately at Twitter's also good for either public or private messages.


macOS Version 39 MB
Version 13 Jan 17, 2020
Windows Version 42 MB
Version 13 Jan 17, 2020
Linux Version 42 MB
Version 13 Jan 17, 2020

Install instructions

Extract the game from the archive and double-click it. No installation is needed.

Development log